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High Prairie Environmental is a relatively new consulting firm with a wealth of experience.  Formed in 2005 as a small business, High Prairie Environmental has an extensive network of contacts and associates.  We can handle a variety of environmental projects in any location to suit your needs.
Our advantages in being a small company are that we are quick to respond and, with low overhead expenses, can pass on savings to our customers.
Let us help you navigate through the maze of complex regulations and find the most cost-effective solutions to your environmental problems.

High Prairie Environmental is committed to performing top-quality work that meets or exceeds our client's expectations.
Communication is considered key to a successful project and we keep our clients informed every step of the way, whether they are in the same city or a continent away.

Company History
Our company had its start in a rural area of central Colorado on the Palmer Divide at 6,500 ft elevation.  Hence, the company's name, High Prairie Environmental.  Early projects included an ecological risk assessment of a wetlands property in east Texas, a sensitive species survey for a proposed pipeline in a remote area of Wyoming, and a human health risk assessment at the international airport in Lima, Peru.